since many people are using vet steroids , i was wondering about other perfrmance enhancment products used in race horses.

Non swabbable natural anabolic muscle builder, NATRAZOL PASTE contains gamma oryzanol creatine and chromium. Gamma oryzanol is a rice bran extract which has a natural anabolic action giving weight gain and increased performance.

Zanobolic is a unique feed supplement for use as an effective and specific training aid. ZanoBOLIC is a rice bran embryo oil extract fed daily in the horses regular feed.

Kynoselen injection 100 ml is a muscle stimulant containing disodic adenosine monophosphate, heptaminol hydrochloride, selenium, magnesium aspartate, potassium aspartate and vitamin B12 for IM injection. Consult veterinarian regarding withholding time before racing.

i know many people using Kynoselen, but what about the other supps used. do you think any of them would work for humans?