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    anadrol and testo - vets

    Hi guys. Long time since I've posted here. But thought I should get some opinions on my aas cycling.

    I've been on 580mg ew sust eod shots for 5 weeks now. I frontloaded with day1 shot of 500mg. I gained 14 lbs the first 3 weeks but the two last weeks I've haven't gained any weight, seem to be stuck at 220lbs. I've tried increasing kcals and also took week 4 completly off training without results. I've ordered some a50 tabs and thought of running 50mg adrol ed for 4 weeks in addition to the sust. then drop back to sust 580mg for 4 weeks after this. My question is if I should lower the sust(to like 250-300mg) while on the adrol or keep it stady at 580mg as before? Any other opinions?

    I don't go on/off roids by special time intervals, more by feeling. before the sust I've maintianed for 6 weeks with 10mg morning dbol . I'm also running hcg every 4. week.

    5 10"

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    no its best to just keep the test at one steady level and not increase and decrease. anaways 250mgs a week of test is nothing. id just keep the sust at 580mgs a week(how the hell did you come up with that number?) and throw in the 50 or 100mgs of anadrol for 5 weeks.

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    okey thanks, just the answer I was looking for 580mg test you get if you crack two amps of sust250 and draw up in a syringe and inject it equal three times.

    I've used steroids on and off for like a year now but I've allways kept doses low, and max I ever used is 600mg prop, and one time 40mg dbol alone. I'm not overdoing anyhting by adding 50mg adrol daily to the sust?

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