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    Sprint athlete"right cycle plz"

    A big ass hello to all nice souls right here!and you too Steel!
    HELP ME!!
    I need upto date infos on the finest stacking and cycling for a sprinter!The tendons must stay strong, I need to have a super agressive workout attitude.
    Bearing in mind that i would be constantly bombarded by tests,and desire also to have tough liver,heart and my "privates".I keep stumbling into these for options,Tren ,Equi,Anadrol ,HGH,Masterone,Clomi,HCG and Nolva .
    I understand Tren"parabolan "is good for sprint athletes..what do you all think?
    Ok,my question is,what juices should be my buddys?How do i combine and rotae em?for how long ?How does the <Estro-fighters come in?when and how much?How far towards meetings should i discontinue?..
    Any ideas on workouts and diets while on em all would be greatly apreciated!.as i not only desire to give good performances but would love to stay long on track aswell..
    now i got my naive eyes and ignorant brain glued to the PC!!..
    Save me you all!!

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    if you wanna go totally undetected the stick with HGH an insulin , if yo uwanna tak e a chance then add some Test prop its in and out of your system in 2 days or Test suspention as little as 8 hours but thats for instant strength.

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