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    andriol effectiveness in YOUR experience?

    i was browsing the 'steroid effectiveness' and 'detection times chart' here at AR and was surprised to see what it thought of andriol . for strength and wieght and keep gains it got 4 stars. also in detection times it had 1 week wich interested me. i uderstand you must take quite a decent amount of it (300mg a day perhaps) for it to be effective and it can aromatise at this dose.

    i know i can readily get andriol and am considering it.

    for people who HAVE used it before can you please tell me how you stacked it and what your results where like. what duration and dose etc.

    i have done a sust 250cycle before and got good results. im now thinking of doing a stack with an oral...possibly andriol cause of its availability to me.
    thanks for any input bros!

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    well, I havent used it but I think you will be hard pressed to find people that actually have used it. The vast majority of aas users stick to injectables. but good luck with your search.

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