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    Little concerned

    i am not really a newbie but i am to this question is this...i cycled on and off for about 2 years with a break of only 4-6 between cycles with no real problem...i have ran test/d's/deca /tren /winni/clen /t3...yeah i think thats it...anyways i just recently came off for about 9 weeks and my testicles have returned to their normal size and i feel as if im "normal" again...yesterday i got pin happy and injected 600mg eq to start my next cycle..i also used 30mg d's prior to my workout worry is that i heard that my test levels could be low or not back up to normal even if my testes are restored...did i jump the gun...and if i u think that i could just stop while im only 2 days into my cycle?...without doing any real damage?...thanks...

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    the time you spent on, is the time you should take off. (time on = time off) unless you feel you are back to normal, i would have some blood work done to see if your back to normal, and everything is fine, then i would go full speed ahead. your body needs time to return to its natural stage.

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