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    questions about Home made fina

    Hey ya'll i won't only ppl who have done this or know exactly the answer to this questions. I got a 4g kit from rk and I need to know how much oil is in this when its sent to u. The reason why is because if I use 2 carts in it this will yeild 75mg but I want to run atleast 100mg. But I wanna make sure I have 8 weeks worth. Does anyone know how many cc of this oil I'll need to take out to yeild 100mg for 8 weeks or abouts. im guessing 10cc if its around 45cc when it comes to u but im only guessing im not sure. also if u have the formula for this let me know. Thanks

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    most kits are set up to yield 25 cc's per 2 gram kit which gives you a strength of 75 mg / mL

    even if you got 2 kits you wouldn't have enough - 8 weeks being 56 days - you'll need at least 56 cc's - in that case you'll want to buy a 6 g kit & 3 carts.

    to make it stronger - add more fina OR take out solution

    remember - 1 cart = 2000 mg tren

    • amount of tren / cc's of oil = strength (minus loss factor)

    so basically if you're wanting 100 mg / mL as your final solution
    • 2000 mg / ???? mL oil = 100

    answer is 20 mL oil per every cart.

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