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    Sep 2004

    Its time for my 1st cycle

    So, i feared needles, i used m1 test, clenbuterol , and creatine. I realized it all sucks, if u wanna be big u gotta man it up. I did my research, so tell me what you think of this for a first cycle.

    Test Eq Nolvadex Clomid
    Week 1 500mg 400mg 70-140mg
    Week 2 500mg 400mg 70-140mg
    Week 3 500mg 400mg 70-140mg
    Week 4 500mg 400mg 70-140mg
    Week 5 500mg 400mg 70-140mg
    Week 6 500mg 400mg 70-140mg
    Week 7 500mg 400mg 70-140mg
    Week 8 500mg 400mg 70-140mg
    Week 9 500mg 400mg 70-140mg
    Week 10 500mg 400mg 70-140mg
    Week 11 70-140mg
    Week 12 70-140mg
    Week 13 70-140mg 1000mg
    Week 14 70-140mg 550mg
    Week 15 70-140mg 350mg

    For clomid, i know that you have to use 300 mg the first day then 100 for the next 7, and then for 50 till the end. I am curently 511 and at 185. I wanna get big and then cut down later on. If you have any usefull advice or comments i would appreciate it.

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    Test and Eq are good starter components....and your running the right amount at 500test..400eq...though the eq should be run a minimum of 12 weeks to get the full effects....I might be wrong but I think you should wait until week 14 to start your clomid as the eq will be in your system for 3 weeks after your last shot....also taking 10mg nolva ed on cycle should be enough...up it if you start to get any gyno symptoms..and run 20mg ed during pct...although I've never used it, it seems running tribulus during cycle(not pct), will keep your nuts from shrinking too much..I'm gonna try trib next cycle...enjoy...your gonna love it!!

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    run trib the whole cycle as well as, saw palmetto, & milk thistle.

    PCT looks off though
    run: clomid @
    day 1: 300 mg
    day2-14: 100mg
    day 15-21: 50 mg

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    I dont think trib is really necessary, the cycle you have planed isnt too harsh, but you can try it if ya want to. run the test 2 weeks past the eq. follow soup's PCT and eat like CRAZY!!!!! Good luck

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    You should carry the test one week further than the EQ.

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    Why not stick with just test for your first cycle? See how your body reacts to test alone. Later on add EQ.

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