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    question from first time test user

    i recently started my first cycle of test. i'm 5'10 215. i've never taken anything before but ive supplemented otc stuff and my body handled it fine . the dosage was 500mg/2ml. the next day i felt somewhat feverish and the next night i woke up sweating crazy and extra sensative to temperatures. for the first 96 hours this fever was on and off(i still lifted though). its been 6 days now and i feel fine, i am planning on taking the next dosage in a few questions are 1. is my body going to respond the same way or was it just an initial shock? 2. should i change my dosage or maybe just started with 250mg? 3. is there anything to reduce the pain in my ass post injection? i appreciate any feedback that would be beneficial for the contiuation of my cycle.

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    split your 500/wk dosage to two shots per week

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    so what your saying is its 250mg per ml right? take 1ml on mon/thurs. Maybe you got dirty gear and that gave you the fever.

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