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    Post I think i got this...but could be wrong. Please Help.

    I am a 20 year old who has been working out for about 4 years, gained a decent amount of mass, im 5'11, 179 and very lean. It's time to gain some serious muscle and get real i have been researching and im torn between cycles.
    1. 500 test e 12 wks
    400 deca for 12 wks
    40 d-bol a day for 4 wks

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    lotsa peanut butter that's all you need

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    looks good but do the deca for 10 weeks.

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    Your first cycle should be test E 500 a week and no more. You have to see how your bidy reacts to test. If you are running test AND deca , with no experience with either, and you develop gyno, you will not know if it is estrogen or progesterone related making it tougher to prevent/treat. Save the deca for your second cycle.

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    Trust me on this… the deca is hard on first time cycles and if you do run deca use some B-6 200mg ed to prevent gyno. My first cycle I used deca and it took a while to get the boys back if you know what I mean.

    BTW, Did anyone tell you to give it another few years before you cycle because that would be your best advise, but hey, to each their own and good luck.

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