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    coming off cycle

    my cycle is coming to an end. It was a good run but now time to start thinking of how to come off this. I am in week 11 of British dragon cyp and eq. 500 mg a week of both, except now had to lower the test does because i am running out of test, (started test a week early)
    I have clomid and nolvdex and just wondering a few things
    I know that i need to wait 3 weeks after last shot to start clomid. In that period of time while waiting can i start creatine, do i continue taking tribilus (if so how long after pct)
    I know i keep taking novadex and to take the clomid (300,100,50).
    Thanks for any help. Is there anything besides creatine i should get on and should i start it right now so i am well loaded by the time cycle ends.
    thanks for the help.

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    I take 3g-4g of trib every day......every 4-5 months I'll drop it for a few weeks then start it back up......if you have some test prop handy, you could run it for 2-3 weeks after the cyp, then start pct 3 days after the last prop inject....good luck

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