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    Cutting Cycle w/Clen/t3/Prop/Tren/Winny

    Cutting cycle #3

    Where can I put in clen /t3 for fat loss. I heard that t3 eats up your muscle. Should I do a quick cycle of clen/t3 before roid cycle or everything together? If I do it before then I lose some muscle, I will just gain it back on steroid cycle. Where would I do clen/t3 in cycle. Wont this be alot taking into the body like 5 things at a time.

    Test Prop week 1-10 100mg eod
    Tren week 1 - 8 75mg eod
    Winny week 5 - 10 50mg ED

    Nolvadex 10mg ed throughout cycle
    PCT starts 3 days after last shot, 10 days of 40mg, 10 days of 20mg, 10 days of 10mg

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    With all that stuff, clen /t3 isn't even needed provided your dietary approach is spot on.


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