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    Update: My girlfriend got ticket for hypodermic instrument

    My girl friend got an appearence ticket for a hypodermic instrument after her mom called the cops on her after she found the needle and empty liquid clen bottle.. Her parents are psyco and know nothing about clen or what it does and thought she was injecting .. The cop i guess told her that he told her parents what to say when they go to court so it will get reduced or somethin but what do you guys think? Oh yea, this is in NYS where its legal to possess 10 syringes in 1 day.. Is it illegal to possess a syringe if your under 18? thanks for any help guys, sorry i just freak when it comes to crap like this ..

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    I'm taking it she's under 18 right? She'll get a slap on the wrist...probably a small fine.

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    I wish I was still under 18. I'd be pushing my luck to the brink!!!!

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