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    Deca info. Is this legit?

    Please excuse my stupidness. I'm new. I found Deca on a .com site. I don't know how to post the picture it showed on the site, but I can give you the info from the box. I know alot of .com's are scams, but please give me your advice. Please don't flame me. Here it goes...

    Decanoato De Nandrolona
    200 MB Depot
    s.a.c.a.r. Reg. No. Q-1069-088
    Manufactered in Mexico by:
    Laboratorios Ternel, S.A.
    Col. Naucalpan Centro
    Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico
    C.P. 53000

    email Mexico:
    Global Email:
    (beside the round logo, it has exp. date, 109 AGO '05)
    it's 10cc- 200mg cc/$100.00
    (this is not the .com site listed above. all of the information was on the bottle in the pic, the website had shown)

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    Ill give you some sound advice. DO NOT waste your time with a dot com website that is trying to sell you steroids . 99.9999% you WILL get f*cked. They claim to be selling tornel gear huh. Well after you send them your money they will most likely send you NOTHING back.

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    tornel is easily obtained in mexico so if thhis guy or person has a mailing address in LA or San diego he may be a legit source but sooner or later hes gonna get shut down because he is web advertising and sure enough it'll happen when you are waiting for an order.
    And yes that description is for real nandrolone .

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    ive told ya bro...dont mess with pic and info dont mean anything untill its in your hand...these guys know whats up and not tryin to be repetative but just tryin to help because weve all been in that situation and most of us, well atleast i, speak form experiecne of being taken by .com source

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