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    How much is too much?

    Hey Folks,
    Just got the ball rolling again after 8 weeks off. My time off was welcome, but nonetheless I'm ready to get Diesel after some tedious contest cycles.
    AnyWays, I Just started running some Omnadrens at my usual dose of 250 mgs EOD. To Jump Start things I ran 50 mgs Anadrol for the first three weeks. Here is my quasi dilemma. I have a **** load of omna's, so on week four I began running 500 mgs EOD. Yes Nolva is present in this cycle along with any other PCT essentials (i.e-HCG , Clomid). It is now week six and I feel great, expect for some occasional lethargy.

    If were to run this for 18 weeks omna's only, no deca no nuthin, would any one disagree with this decision in my quest for biggness

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    Nothing wrong with test only cycles.

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    I agree test onnly cycle will work, that's why our bodies produce Test and not Eq or deca

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    i think you'd be fine just runnin the omnadron @ 500mg/eod. there's absolutley no reason you can't get the size you want from that

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