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    how many have experienced this?

    this $hit is pretty funny all the guys i work with at my gym used to talk all kinds of crap about the bros in the gym that were juicin. they would say they are gonna die and they r gonna lose it all when they come off. i finally got pissed and told them i was on gear and gave them a small summary on cycling and pct. i'll be ****ed if these guys didnt start askin a million questions and now they all want to do a cycle. i think most people arent scared of steroids they are just jealous of the weekly gains that we make and if given a chance they will jump on the bus with no hesitation. i just thought i would share this funny observation with all the bros here. they arent scared of the juice, they're scared of the juicer.

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    I hear that crap all the time. People who lack knowlegde on the subject are the ones who give steroids a bad name. They "hear" it will kill you so it must be true in their eyes. But when they talk to someone who knows what the hell they are doing when it comes to the matter, then they change their tune. When people give me the whole spcheel on how bad steroids are, I just say "yeah" and go about my business. F-ck 'em

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    Ingnorance is everywhere in my gym.........A lot of hating goes on but what pisses me off the most is the guys who are closet juicers.......just fvckin' admit, its not like i would down grade them........fuk they know im on the sauce.

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