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    masteron & test prop.

    i was reading on masteron and it seen it has prop in it just wondering what the diff. between the two are. from what i can tell they both have the same characteristics. wondering what you would get out of stacking them when they seem to do the same thing.

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    All steroids do the same thing, they increase muscle mass by improving protein synthesis...Masterone and Prop are not very alike, Prop aromatizes to estrogen, masterone dos not, prop causes water retention, masterone does not, prop cause some negative impact on the liver, Masterone don't, prop will cause some hair loss, Masterone will cause more, prop will cause some prostate enlargment, masterone will cause more...Prop requiers you to take anti-estrogen, masterone don' you can see they are not that similar...and stocking both of them would be good for quality gains, as a matter of fact they both will be in my pre-contest cycle next year...XXL

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