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    Novice Cycle/B-6????

    Why does it say to take 200 mg of vitamin B-6 everyday while on cycle. I was looking at the Novice Cycle 1 on the home page. (300-500mg Test E 1- 10 wks, 30mg dbol 1-4wks, Nova, Clomid, B-6), If anyone knows what the B-6 does let me know.


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    vitamin b-6

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    It controls prolactin build up of getting out of hand. Prolactin is released through progestone, a superior type of estrogen that can not be battled through the conventional anti-e's and AI's. Progestone levels usually begin to climb when using a nandrolone derrived AAS, i.e. deca , durabolin , tren /fina. 200mg ed throughout the cycle and PCT helps control prolactin levels from getting out of control.

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    ^^ good info

    I wouldnt recommend taking B6 at all unless you are using a progesterone sensitive substance, even then it should only be taken if signs of gyno appear.

    B6 can cause irreversible neurological damage, it has clinically been said that 200mg/day should be the uppermost limit as far as short term dosages.. but why risk it if its unnecessary?

    good luck ladies man

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