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Thread: sickness?

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    1.what if your on juice then suddenly you became sick? will you continue your cycle or what?
    2.drugs and vitamins u cant take or use?

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    usually when I feel sick on cycle it's because it's during the first few weeks and I usually always get some sort of "juice flu" the first few weeks. From what I've read it's because of the higher then normal amounts of test I was getting. If it dosen't subside within a few days I'd go to the doc. As for drugs/vitamins...stick with your basics like a good multivitamin, etc...I wouldn't take drugs for it unless it was the last option.

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    did you just start or have you been on for a while? just wondering if its a test flu or you just caught a virus. either way it will be gone in a couple days and you should continue with your cycle. if you have to take a couple days off then you should still shoot at your regular times. just think of it as resting your muscles for a few days. they can always use a break every once in a while.

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