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    First time cyclist!!


    I am a first time user of Winstrol (Sydgroup), I am roughly 6' 245 and an out of shap linebacker looking to trim down emensly, other than taking a whole bunch of sh*t what can i do with what i have to start that process (how much intake?, where to put it? what cardio to do?) I appreciate your time THANKS!!

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    that is not a good first post buddy.

    First off, you dont need winny. Secondly, you need to get all your other problems in line before even attempting juice. Scruitinize in this order: DIET, Cardio, Weight Training.

    Go to the diet forum read the cutting sticky. Reread it every night before you go to sleep.

    Start doing cardio in the morning 45-60 mins at 65-75% max heart rate. The equation to figure that out is either in the workout forum sticky or the education forum somewhere. i believe its (220-age)*0.7.

    After you have this stuff in line and start making progress, let us know and we'll help ya out w/ some supplements that work such as ECA, Clen , or T3.

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