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    Need some help on a cutting cycle

    Hey guys. I need some help on my cutting cycle, I`m about 185cm and 120kilo. And want to get down to 80-85 kilos. I`m planning a cycle with clen
    and eca stack and t3. Havent quite figured out the doses yet and how to combine it. Now this is gone take alot of time to do and I will probably loose alot of mucle. So i wondered if i could throw in some test or something to keep the mucle loss to a minimum, if so please tell me witch steroid to use and how to cycle it. Any help on the cutting cycle part is aslo good since i havent figured it out yet. I was thinking 2week on\off with the clen and eca but i dont know how to combine it with t3.

    I will of course do alot of cardio and keep a strict diet


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    Dont use t3 without an anabolic because it will burn away your muscle

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