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    Opinion on upcomin Cycle

    Week 1-4 Dbol 30mg/d
    Week 1-10 Test Enanthate 500mg/w (2 shots of 250mg per week)
    Week 5-10 Trenbolone Acetate 75mg/EOD
    Week 1-12 Nolvadex 20mg/d
    Starting Week 12 Clomid 300/100/50
    Starting Week 12 Nolvadex 80/40/20

    1.) Was curious if Anyone thinks I should extend the Tren 1 week longer or move it to weeks 6-11 to better account for PCT preparation since the Test E takes 2 weeks and the tren is only a few days before PCT should be administered so I can start PCT a week after the last fina shot, or is it better to stop the Tren with the Test for hormonial and testicular functions and wait the 2 weeks.?

    2.) Do you think 20mg of nolvadex is necessary every day throughout cycle, or should i discontinue use of it like a week after the Dbol is discontinued and only use it if signs of gyno appear present or until PCT time.

    3.) A friend of mine ran a cycle a year back and claims he took Nolvadex throughout his cycle, afterwards took nolvadex and clomid PCT, and then eventually down the line he said he received signs of gyno like a few months after cycle ended, he claims u don't see signs of gyno until the cycle is over, now he has done previous cycles in the past but i know from all you more knowlegable sources that u definately notice symptons during your cycles, my question is this is it possible to get gyno after a cycle if you ran your proper PCT and estrogen preventative measures, or is he full of sh!t?

    Any answers to the following would be greatly appreciated and any opinions or recommendations on the upcoming cycle would also be appreciated. Thanks

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    I would start the tren at wks 1-10, .. I would recomend that you end with prop wks 10-15 then 3 days later start 20mg nolv ed and through pct, take b6 for the tren.
    depending on how sensitive you are to gyno, more ant-e may be needed..

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