well i am in the last day of week 11 test cyp and EQ. i had started the test a week earlier than the test. i have been taking 500 of both twice a week, until last week started doing 400 becasue realized test was running out. there is no way i can get more test in time. i have exactly 1.5 cc left of BD test cyp and probaly 4 cc of eq left. I know you want to run the EQ for at least 12 weeks so i was wonder what i should do.
Option 1 , take the 1.5 cc's of test left with EQ.
option 2, take .75 cc test today, with normal eq, and then again later in week.
this sucks but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I do have clomid on hand along with left over d bal i never finished,.
I do not have any HCG on hand and would take at least 2 weeks to get it.
If i had means i would get some prop but that would also take 2 weeks to get.
thanks again for any help.
also can i start creatine during pct.