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    PRIMO? And help please

    A buddy of mine had a Dr. in mexico send some primo, he could not send as much as I wanted because of a crackdown at that time. I have seen post that say it is in a clear bottle. these are amber tintand sealed in foil and plastic. The box says primbolin depot(all in spanish) the maker is schering. Each box contains two bottles, and the box says 50mg
    1 ampolleta de 1ml
    Ihave 4 of these boxes, is 400 mg total ?
    Do you think it is real and is it enough to take.
    Also a Dr. hear in the states can write me a script
    for decca test, and anavar (cannot think what the name is for anavar though) I just have always wanted to do primo.
    Should i use this or just get the legal stuff from my doc.

    Thanks alot guys it has been 13 years for me and things have changed
    and could use a lot of help.

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    Sounds real but check the steriod pics forums and see if you have a match because there's alot of fake primo's floating around. 1amp should = 100mgs how many amps do you have?
    Also before you take anything you should do some you said:things have changed alot in the last 13 yrs.

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