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    Thumbs down Sick at the end of cycle!

    ok bros the gayest thing happend to me 4 days ago im 11 weeks into my cycle of cyp/eq i got sick real bad about 4days ago n as of today im on antibiotics.Now i have another 3-4 weeks of the cycle to go b4 pct now my question is do i wait to finish da antibiotics b4 my shots again which is in like 4-5days.i haven't done a shot since i got sick so should i just wait or start shootin eventhough im still far as the sickness goes i got sinus infection

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    Bro, i just got sick too with sinus infection,and a realy bad cold, and was also taking antibiotics, but i never stopped my cycle; maybe i should, but i did not, still took all my shots... i'm O.k. now

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    I also just got over a very bad sinus infection I thought my head was going to explode. I had to go back to the doctor 4 times because I still had fluid that didnt drain out. Almost back to normal but I never stopped and I am taking a **** load of stuff. Im sure it wasnt the best decsion.

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    Bros remember that AAS use reduces your bodies immune system making you more vulnerable to catching bugs

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