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    Sustanon for height?

    Article in this months Muscular Dev. Mag

    In a study out of the United Kingdom, S.R. Ahmed and colleagues found that oral testosterone undecanoate at a dose of 40mg daily was comparable to injectable sustanon 50 (50mg given weekly) for promoting an increase in height. Interstingly, both of these anabolic steroids promoted short-term growth(height) at almost equal amounts, whereas traditionally, frowth hormone is used for the treatment of short stature. This finding could lead to the adjunctive use of anabolic steroids to promote height expansion is shorter adolescents;it could either could be given with growthhormone or without. If these steroids start to get used in this manner, expect the black market availabilty to grow.

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    At what age are they talking about? I thought in adolescents the resulting testosterone conversion back to estrogen can cause the growth plates to fuse, therefore stunting growth..

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    I read that article and thought that was promising. However, how is 40mgs of test undec. comparable to Sust????

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