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    Question Test E and DECA cycle

    i just got 12 weeks of test e and 8 weeks of deca with enough clomid to last me through the whole thing so how much weight will i most likely gain and then how much water weight will i lose after time done with the cycle?

    500mg of test a week and 400 of deca and the clomid for the whole thing is what i have heard alot of people on here talk about start takin it while ur on still and it will make for an easier come off my diet is fine and my workout is fine im just 19 im training with a bodybuilder and im going to try to compete depending on wht i look like after this cycle...
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    come on, gotta do some research. First, you need to run deca out to 10 weeks since it takes 4-6 to kick in. Second, every person is different, it is impossible to say what you will gain, some gain over 20 and some gain no more than 10. What you keep is all dependent on your pct and your diet after you're done with your cycle. All this info is out there, just hit the search button and find it next time before you post.

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    clomid to last you the whole thing? WTF?

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    get your diet tight, need more of both, what are you doses...

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