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Thread: xmass holiday

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    Exclamation xmass holiday

    the other day i just booked a holiday for the new year to the canary islands. the thing is im currently doing a cycle of
    750mg enanthate pw
    225mg tren pw

    seen as i just booked the holiday as soon as i finished this cycle i was going to run winny and clen just to cut up for the beach.

    my current cycle im only in my first week but im only going to do it for 6 weeks then switch so it will give me plenty of time till the new year.
    is this a good idea switchng or should i run my pct then give myself a break in the mean time

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    i wouldnt start your pct when you go away if you are planning on drinking.its worse to drink during this time then on a cycle if your gonna do it.and i dont see any reason to change gear.your diet and cardio is what is gonna give you the results you wish for not the gear

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    no i reckon i will have enough time for pct befor the holiday so its not recommended to switch up.
    do u not reckon it will make it any easier

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