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Thread: Reforvit-B

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    Ok, I just have a couple of questions about 50ml Reforvit-B. Am I right that it is 25mg/ml? Also, since I hear that it is underdosed by up to 50%, what would be a good way to spread it out to 3 times daily. (drinking not shooting)
    I was thinking a good way would be to do 3/4 a ml 3 times daily. So 2 1/2 ml's a day which by the label says it will be around 60mg a day. Being underdosed it could be as little as 30mg a day which is a good dosage. Does this sound correct? Are they always underdosed? If anyone knows of a better way to do it please let me know.

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    Drinking it is more affective than injecting. It's a guessing game with the underdosing, but it seems like you have the right idea. Its hard to tell how much they are exactly underdoses, so like I said it's a guessing game.

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