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    while juicing what should i do

    what up bros/ i always traing every body part once a week(except bi's twice a week)

    a well known powerlifter says i should do everything twice a week.
    i am starting my first cycle this fall and was wondering if i should try twice a week while juicing.

    i read the doggcrap manual and understood how he is hitting everything every eight days/

    i like doing at least 3 exercised for every body part when i work out.
    should i try doing every body part 2ce every eight days if doing this many exercises?

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    i was training every body part 2x a week making good gains. i recently started training my body parts once a week and im making better gains than before. but imo everyone is different experiment with ur body and see what works best for u.

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    yea i agree i believe i would stay to sore to traine everybody part twice a week but maybe while juciing i will have a quicker recovery time

    also how do yalls workout splits work when your training twice a week

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