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    Tren/EQ/Dbol/Test - 4th Cycle

    Ok I am looking for some advice on how to run this cycle. This will be my first cycle using tren eth. I thought of using the dbol weeks 1-4 and the tren 5-10 so as I am not running both at the same time. Also stopping the EQ a week before the test as well. I ran a similar cycle last time without the tren. Just trying to figure the best way to work it in. I am just focusing on fine tuning the cycle. Just assume everything such as diet and pct will be in place. Looking for suggestions?

    weeks 1-4 30mg dbol
    weeks 1-12 400mg test eth
    weeks 1-11 300mg eq
    weeks 5-10 250mg tren eth - injected every 3 days

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    u need to run the test higher than the tren for your penis's sake.

    extend the test and eq one week. eq should be run minimum of 12 weeks

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