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    t3 dosage with clen?

    Hey guys I just placed my order for clen /t3. I found the dosages for the clen but are they the same for t3? I'm pretty sure the bottles are the same size. I'm getting the liquid form. and should they be taken at the same time.

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    There are various ways to run t3/clen combo, Im currently running the 7days on/5 days off cycle
    days1-5 200mcg
    day6 100mcg
    day7 50mcg

    5 days off

    140mcg clen every day I run t3.

    so far I have lost about 2% bf and I have ran the split 2 times. Make sure to monitor your temp everyday. Mallet has a good thread on this, you might want to do a search.

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    try 1 squitt of each to start will fry....drink lots of water

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