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    HELP! Clueless to how much you can get out of each vial

    I think I've got at least a clue after one of the mods I think tried to clue me in on how much you can get out of each vial. So here's what I think is believed to be right...when I put in for my gear. Just don't want to get the wrong amount!

    "I would only need TWO vials for Test. And then I would only need ONE vial of the Winstrol. I have it planned out that I am going to jab Winny; Monday, Wednesday, and then drink Friday and Sunday...and then jab Tuesday, Thursday, drink Saturday and Monday...and just continue that way through out the cycle weeks 5-10."

    Current Cycle :

    Weeks 1-8 500mg Test EW
    Weeks 5-10 50mg Winny eod

    (ENANTAT-250 mg. 10 ml. (QUALITY VET))

    So I just need to know if I'm right or wrong! Thanks guys for helping me out!

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    vials come in 10ml,20ml and 50ml

    depends on the cycle your running if your going to run test at 500mg you need 2 vials of 10ml
    and im not to sure about winny ,i seen oral tabs at 50mg that come in 50tabs for 80$ ..

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