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Thread: cycle update

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    cycle update

    Hey bros. A little update. I just started my 5th week of my cycle. I finally had that special night in the gym tonight doing squats. Anyway, I am up 22lbs & bf is up .5%. So I feel like I am putting on some good muscle. Props to Southern Labs.

    1-5 Dbol 60mg/ed
    1-5 Test prop 100mg/ed
    1-14 Test E. 1200mg/wk
    1-14 Eq 600mg/wk
    12-15 Test prop 100mg/ed
    15-26 Test prop 150mg/ed
    15-26 Fina 100mg/ed
    1-26 nolva 20mg/ed
    1-26 .5 adex

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    What is your strenght looking like?

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