alright guys was just wondering if anyone had any views on this new cycle i am about to was given to me by a seasoned competitor but i have a few queries relating to it.

week1 days 1,4,7 1xamp sus,1xdeca 1xboldenone

week2 days 2,5 1xsus,1xbold

week3 days1,4,7 1xtest enan,1xbold

week4 days2,5 1x prop 1xcyp

week5 dats 1,4 1xprop 1x cyp
day7 1xprop 1x winst

week 6 days 2,4,6 1xprop 1xwins

week 7days 1,3,5,7 1xprop 1x wins

i am to keep my carbs lowish protein high mainly as he uses this coming up to a only doubts are why deca for only 3 days and test enant for 3 days.what purpose would this serve..any suggestions appreciated