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    consolidating amps question

    i am picking up a couple of 10ml amps and for the sake of having all my gear in one jug, can I transfer them into a 50ml jug, as long as I sterilize it first?

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    Yeah, but you are doing it ass backwards. Why not leave them in the 10ml vials? You will get floaters in the 50ml jug from drawing from it over and over. With a 50ml jug, the chance of your injection getting infected goes way up.

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    once u break open the amps they are contaminated once they hit the outside air. it would probably be ok if u stored them for a couple of days but by the time u use 50 ml's there would be alot of bacteria growth in there. u dont want to risk infection. if ur hell bent on transfering ur gear cook it to resterilize it check the lab to find out how.

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