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    Question Safe Cycle For Lean Muscle

    I Need Help With My First Cycle In 5 Years.
    I Want To Gain 1/2 Stone Of Quality Muscle Without The Dramatic Bulk As Seen With D'bol Etc..
    I Currently Weigh 83kg At 13% Bf. I Have Good Lifting Knowledge And A Decent Understanding Of Nutrition.
    Would Prefer To Keep Away From The Orals, Sticking To Safer Roids That Limit Unwanted Side Effects.
    My Last Cycle Consisted Of Deca At 600mg/week For 8 Weeks. I Also Dabbled With Sust250, But Wasnt Too Impressed.

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    Bro, so you only want to put on 7lb ? You can easily do that just by eating right, you dont need gear for 7lbs man. How many cycels have you done in the past, just one ? What were your gains from those cycles ? I would have thought that Test at around 400mg per week would be heaps to get you there if you really want too do it. But again its all about eating right !! Also I dont think anyone would notice if you only put on 7lbs as well. Not sure what your goals are but sounds a bit strange to me
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    yeah man i agree with seanw why would u wanna risk anything for that 7 lbs try some stronger supplements and see how it goes that way, but hey if u wanna go on cycle we cant tell u not to so ill answer that question, u will gain more than 7 lbs though.
    i suggest doing something like sust at 400-500mg/week and eq at 500mg/week for 12 weeks or 13 just run the sust a bit longer than the eq. u should get good gains with that or if u dont wanna run the sust run test prop, and remember both need to be injected every other day (for the sust and prop)..

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