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    Sep 2004

    Has anyone done a Prop-only cycle?

    Has anyone just run Prop for 8-10 weeks?

    If so, how was it ? How were your gains?

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    bigguy20 is offline Associate Member
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    Sep 2004
    my bro was running a prop only cycle and then winny week 9-15 but as far as the prop only he said he wasnt too happy with the gains he was getting so he stopped and ran sust instead. his gains were still there though he gained a few pounds but was getting more lean and he wanted to gain more size, so it all depends on what your looking for.

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    Aug 2003
    i liked the gains from my prop only cycle. i ran it at 100md eod and put on about 13 lbs

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    the lower carolina
    100mg ED for 13 weeks lost bf but gained some decent lbm...

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    i did. but for me when i use prop i dont get as big. i just harden up and lose bodyfat.

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    my first cycle was a prop only cycle. i ran 1/2 cc every other day. the scale numbers didn't go up as high, but i liked the results as one of the best so far. i have ran sust, prop , and enth for test. i don't know if it's psychological b/c it was my first cycle, but prop to this day is still my favoite. my body responds the best to it. just my 2 cents
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    I did -had some var as well but that barely puts on any pounds- I put on over 20lbs. Prop is awesome! Cycle lasted 8 weeks. 75mg/ed

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