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    Dogcrapp extreme stretching???

    This probably should've been posted in the lifting forum, but due to all the recent posts about his training, I figured I'd put it in here to get more responses. What is the theory behind the extreme stretching? What is it supposed to accomplish? I understand all of his training philosophies, but I don't understand how the extreme weighted stretching will effect the physiology of the muscle and aid in growth/recovery.

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    Everybody has an angle,everyone is different,and different things work for different people.......remember that ,phuck give it a try thats the only way if you can tell if some thing is good for you.

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    The philosophy behind the extreme stetching is to stretch the sack in with the muscle is held to allow for more growth.

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    Well, I have read up on some of his stuff. But basically his thing is the Progressive Overload Principle. But he just coined it his method by throwing in some bad words here and there!
    As for the stretching, I haven't read that...yet. But most stretching techniques are for the fascial tissue stretching. Which is believed to aid in muscle growth.

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    is anyone doing this, and having any results, just curious his training ideas seem weird to me but maybe they work just wondering if anyone was doing his routine?

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    John Parrillo has been pushing this for 20 years and he calls it facia stretching. It is good to it a miricle to spur new growth, I don't think so. In more than 25 years at this I know one thing, if you lift big you get big. If you don't get hurt you can keep training and you can not keep getting stronger in the same movement forever, so you must mix things up.
    Good luck

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