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    What would be good?

    Aight here is the deal I am looking to take my first cycle and i would like to know what be the best steroids to take. I am 6'5, 245 and i have 15 % body fat. I play football so i would need something to get out of my system very quickly. I was thinkin bout takin sustanon 250, but i want to get my body fat down. I need help so i am open ears.

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    The best first cycle would probably be test Eth or Cyp at 400-500mg a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fitnessNY
    The best first cycle would probably be test Eth or Cyp at 400-500mg a week.
    Agreed, but how fast is out of your system quickly? Stay away from sust as the deconate ester can be detected for many months after use. Although I don't recommend it for a first cycle due to the daily jabs, I would say go with test prop as it leaves the system within days. THe down side is you have to shoot ED or EOD at the least.

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    enanthate is in your system for 3 months i believe

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    I would recommend an anavar and test prop cycle, your stats are similar to mine and its what I used for a first cycle. I am also tested.

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