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    Deca And ???????

    hello i am plaaning my second cycle. im lookin for a deca cycle and something to stack it with. i was thingking either winny or enthanate...what do you guys think.? my first cycle was sust500 and that was shit!. the deca and winny cycle would probably be very expensive huh and the winny is eod. can u guys help out on my next cycle

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    with the products you listed im ussuming you want to cut up a bit
    winny would be a good idea and tabs beat the $of inj so go with tabs 50 mg preferably.
    test cyp is a ggod idea ,its cheap and just as effective as any test.

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    how about a deca /test/winny cycle??

    I'd say with deca just so you have no problems, to even take 200mgs weeks. but if you really want it to help then take 400-500mgs.

    a lot people run the winny the last 6 weeks of cycle, but you could also run it at the beggining.

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    guys wut can i use wit deca besides dbol to kickstart my cycle , something i can mix wit deca ? i used dbol and it did nothing i think it was fake but i only had enough for 3 weeks... i was thinkin deca and winny or deca and enthante or maybe just an EQ lookin for hard solid gains and this is my second cycle

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    Okay Xlegend, here is my professional opinion (if you want to call it that). First off you said that you tried deca with dbol , and got nothing? Bro, let me tell ya if you didn't get anything out of dbol/deca cycle, you either had fake dbol or did not do your cycle correctly. The old saying is: "if you can't grow on deca/dbol cycle, you need to give up AS".
    Secondly, deca is probally one of the safest AS and can just about stack well with ANYTHING. Deca is just an all around good choice in my opinion especially for a novice cycle because it has low sides, all except the "deca dick" which can be counteracted by adding some test to your cycle. My recommendations if you DON'T WANT TO DO DBOL, is to stack with test, winny, hell anything. My first choice however would be dbol, this is what i call a "basic" good starter cycle, dbol/deca.
    Good luck, and if you have any other questions ask..

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