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    bridge for my cycle?

    i have a question about using a bridge after my last shot of test and until i start PCT...i have heard people use prop...what do people have to say about using this method? any other gear that works well for a bridge? advise is appreciated

    1-12 400 mg t400 a week
    1-10 300 mg deca a week
    10-13 50 mg winstrol ED
    200 mg b6 ED
    10 mg nolva ED (up to 20mg during PCT)
    Clomid - PCT

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    A lot of people use prop b/c it is a short-acting ester, but I've also seen suspension work very well as a bridge. This is due to the fact that it has a extremely short half life(8hrs.)
    Being that it is water based also makes ideal as it will enter your system easily.If using suspension as a bridge I recommend shooting in the morning and again at night, 50mg's
    each time. This should keep your test levels high,and you can start pct (clomid) the day after your last suspension injection. But I don't know if you want my advice,since I inject in the side of my head and you think I'm a retard.
    *not a fan of cycles that involve bridging*
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