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    help me set targets.

    on test e 500mg per week and dbol 30mg per day . i could bench 115kg for 1 rep when i started and did 120kg on week 2 but i reckon i could have done this anyway . now on week 5 i hit 125 kg last week very comfortly and did 3 rep trick set at 130 kg then did 130 kg this week and did 3rep trick set at 135kg .my question:how much can i hope to reach by end of course (week8)and how much can i hope to keep after pct.this is my first course.

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    First off post in pounds please for us metricaly challenged Americans, second wtf is a trick set ? lets hear all your major stats i.e.-ht. ,wt. ,bf%,training exp.,age,diet, and so on.Plus major lifts BP, DL, SQ! List it in one rep max! then maybe people can help you.

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