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    Estrogen Blocking supplements/your views

    How effective are these estrogen blocking supplements can anyone confirm??

    -DIM (indole-3-carbinol): In healthy young men, it cuts bad estrogen in half by helping the liver neutralize them. While it does not reduce estrogen per se, it effectively puts the brakes on the ones that cause much of the damage by helping the liver convert them into wekaer forms.

    -Calcium-D-Glucerate: With this supplement more of the estorgen in your body is trying to make it into the toilet bowl everyday. Otherwise bacteria in your colon undo your bodys effeorts at estrogen elimination and a significant amount gets back in. The only possible downdside is that it also helps remove excess testosterone and cortisol, but only the overspill thats already destined for elimination.

    -Question? How does saw palmetto block estrogen and what dosages are effcetive?Any sides?

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    saw palmetto blocks test from converting into DHT

    formestane is the best legal anti E

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