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Thread: how to use

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    michaelfrye2 is offline New Member
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    how to use

    I have just purchased 100 tabs of D-Bol 10mg, Test 200 as well as Norandren 200. How should I be taking this?

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    Htownmalu is offline New Member
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    i suggest running the dballs at about 20-30mg day/ i am on my first cycle and taking 30mg/day. Results are good..

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    on the dip rack.
    drop the noradren for now. run it like this

    week 1-4 Dbol @ 40 mg ED
    week 1-12 Test 200 @ 500 mg EW
    week 14-16 PCT

    make sure you buy clomid as well, and you might want to consider buying some nolva or liqui to keep the bloat/estrogen on the dbol under control.

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