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    prop jump start & weight gain

    i used prop to jump start my current cycle and i'm 3 1/2 weeks in with only about 3lbs of gains. for the first week and a 1/2 my diet sucked due to the test flu, but now it is getting better. should i be up more weight by now or am i just paying to much atteion to scale. also my streght is up and i feel more pumped so i know gear is real. cycle below

    1-4 prop 100ed
    1-13 test e 750mgs a week
    1-13 eq 600mgs a week
    13-15 prop 50-100ed till pct

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    what does your diet look like ?

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    Im going to say your paying to much attention to the scale bro, that or your diet really isn't in check, if your tying to bulk, you should be getting 4000+ calories a day in 7 meals and at least 6 of those meals should be real food (not shakes)

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