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    Steroids, clomid

    Im almost at the end of myfirst cycle ever...I took 200mg of deca for 10 weeks and 500mg of tes e for eight weeks... Im done with the deca but i have two weeks of the tes e left (i started tes late)...I just got my clomid in the mail today from anabolic research its the liquid i was told to take it two weeks after my last shot of tes e and to take it for 30 days...(this is my question) Somebody else on the form told me i need nolvadex they told me that if i didnt take nolvadex with the clomid i was going to grow boobies...I told my friend this and he said that was only for people with long term steroid use ...He said that with my first cycle all I need is clomid...Is this true...will clomid alone help me save all that I have gained...and will I grow bitch tits if I dont use nolvadex?

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    Bro you need to read this Pheedno's PCT An no you probably wont grow bitch tits. Some people are prone to it and some arnt. If you havnt had any issues with your tits by now you probably wont. You DEFINITLY need to do proper PCT to restart you natural hormone system and maintain what you have gained.
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