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Thread: M1T / Winny

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    M1T / Winny

    A friend of mine told me too stack M1T with winny... anyone tried it or heard of it. PLease let me know. The Roy

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    on the dip rack.
    if your talkin about runnin m1t and winny alone thats a horrible idea, screw your liver and your HPTA up.

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    Why bother with that stuff? Get some real test.

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    I stacked M1T and 1-AD. A lot of guys here say to get real test for cycle, but I am not ready to take that step so I tried this cycle. I had nice gains in strength and size. Went from 246lbs. to 268lbs. Still on PCT so I may lose some of it. My max bench went from 295lbs to 330lbs. I was on this cycle for 4 weeks. I also ate like an animal, one thing that was missing from my program previously. Hope this helps.


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