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    possible to add on deca to current cycle?

    currently on Omnadren (week 3 just finished) and Dbol . Doing 10 weeks of Omna and 4 weeks of dbol. I should have done more research before hand...everyone seems to have the same opinion that I should have deca in this cycle. Is it possible for me to just start DECA now? Here is my current cycle. can anyone let me know how to add deca into it?

    week 1 - 10 500mg omna (2x250 a week)
    week 1 - 4 35mg Dbol/day

    thanks guys

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    MrMent1on is offline National Level Bodybuilder
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    Aug 2004
    no, deca needs at least 10 weeks in your cycle, unless you are willing to extend it with the Test.

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    No, deca must be run for at least 10 w, usually it is run for a minimum of 12 weeks. You also have to run your test 2 weeks past the deca.

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    Ment1on and fitness are correct. You could add it in but I would extend the cycle if you do so, and run the test at least 2 weeks past the last deca shot. Have you considered front end loading the cycle for 2 weeks after your last Omna shot? I'd run 75mg ed for 2 weeks, or you could go with winny at 50mg ed for 5 weeks, but you're already using dbol so it might not be advised.

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