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Thread: Cycle Results

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    Cycle Results

    Just wanted to post some results real quick.... I havnt posted in awhile.
    I just finished my cycle....

    10 weeks Deca @ 300wk
    11 weeks TestE @ 500wk

    I'm up around 17 pounds and have gained very little fat, if any. Really really happy with the results. Strength as gone through the roof as well. Gonna be starting PCT soon, and not lookin forward to the depression. Hopefully it wont be as bad as a lot of bros seem to get it. Anyway I didnt experience many bad sides at all. Increased blood pressure, but nothin too severe. I've been horny as hell and havnt had any problems tappin my girls ass on a regular basis. Hopefully I won't break out too bad during PCT, I hear a lot of guys do at that time, but Ive had no acne problems so far. Pretty much everything has went better than I expected. Really happy with the cycle. I know I could have put on another five pounds or so if I would have upped the cals a little more, but I kept it as clean as I could while gettin the calories to make sure fat gain was kept as low as possible. Alright anyone have any tips to help me get through PCT as easily as possible? Hopefully I can hang on to most of these gains. Alright just wanted to update you guys since I hadn't posted in so long. Take it easy. . .

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    Good job. Let us know how pct goes and keeping those gains

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    Congrats, sounds like you did it right

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