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    Regarding Sustanon 250. Which is better?

    Hi guys and gals!

    I'm i new member and this i my first post. I'm on my third week of a 8 week basic sustanon 250 cycle. I haven't used gear for almost 9 years so this cycle is basically just a way for me to test how my body responds to the juice. Anyway... my question is this: I'm gonna step it up now to 500 mg of sust/week. Which is better, 1ml every 3 days or can i just go 2ml every week?


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    1ml twice a week, to keep levels somewhat stable.

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    I would never change amounts in the middle of a cycle but if you choose to do so then mon/thurs would be preferable. If you can't do 125mg EOD which would be better.

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